Monday, January 10, 2005

Sparrow House, Apartment, Manchester

After reading about the dramatic decline in numbers of the Common House Sparrow due to lack of nesting sites in urban areas, I decided to design and install a multiple occupancy sparrow house in a mature tree out side Lamport Court, a sixties tower block where Apartment is based. It is hoped that the birds, who prefer to nest in large colonies, will return to the area in the Spring. While some sparrows have shown initial interest in the bird house, none have actual nested there to date.
Sparrow House has been made to mirror the architectural model used for Lamport Court, a council tower block sited on a housing estate which is largely ignored by the regeneration of Manchester which encroaches closer on a daily basis. In response to this situation Apartment co ordinated a group show, Cyclists Dismount in which Sparrow House is included.