Thursday, June 07, 2007

Car, Extreme Crafts, CAC, Lithuania

"Extreme Crafts" at CAC, Vilnius, Lithuania selected by curators Jennie Syson and Catherine Hemelryk, explores how handicrafts and customization are increasingly being used by contemporary artists as a source of inspiration and method of manufacture. The artists selected include a wide range of international artists working across media including Juneau Projects, Catherine Bertola, Knit Knit, and Via Vaudeville.
For Extreme Crafts the curators have selected an object (shown above) that they found in the street for me to augment. They have exhibited a photograph of it in the gallery packaged it and sent it to me in Berlin where I'm currently working. When it arrives I will "repair" and customise it in some way and then return it to them to exhibit in the gallery along with its packaging and the documentation of its transformation. The Yellow car arrived a few days ago. Its now back on the road after having been given a car wash, a respray, its broken door is fixed, a new windscreen has been fitted, it has new tyres, and Ive added a turbo charged exhaust system recycled from a broken toy car. Ive packaged it up in acid free tissue paper with handling gloves and its now on its way back to CAC in Lithuania via registered post, where the curator of Extreme Crafts will place it in the gallery with the images Ive sent showing its transformation. ........The car eventually arrived in Lithuania just before the closing of Extreme Crafts and was returned to its original location by the curator Catherine Hemelryk.
More images of this work and the show at CAC can be accessed by clicking on this link.. flickr