Thursday, August 02, 2007

Tap, CUBE, Manchester

For The World is My Imagination, curated by Andrea Zapp at CUBE, nine artists and collectives are exploring the model and the miniscule as an artistic interface in video, networked and interactive installations, digital sound sculptures, photography, found objects and custom built environments.

For The World Is My Imagination, Hilary Jack has been commissioned to make a new installation. The work, entitled Tap, involves harvesting clean drinking water from an existing dripping tap (in the Ladies Toilet) which is be redirected into a reservoir and used to nourish an indoor plant. The plant in turn acts as host, feeding a myriad of miniature self propagated baby plants to which it is umbilically connected. Placed on a nest of domestic tables in the gallery the installation acts as a model and metaphor for domestic mains water systems and their satellite networks - networks currently under threat from various environmental and man made disasters such as flood, drought, sabotage and terrorist attack. The work hints at our fragility once those networks are threatened while highlighting our waste of and dependence on, one of our most precious natural resources - clean water.A clear plastic hose is connected to the dripping tap. The drip is forced by water pressure through the clear hose piping, which is fed through a hole drilled in the wall of the Ladies loo and into the gallery space. The hose is supported by a series of tree branches which lead it through the gallery and down to the rest of the installation in the basement.
The water drips from the clear hose into a garden water butt where it is then pumped out via a watering system to water the spider plant. The water overflows the plant, dripping into three saucers, arranged in steps in the manner of an indoor fountain, and then into an orange bucket. From here it is pumped out of the bucket, every hour during gallery opening hours and into a watering can. The water collected in the watering can is eventually used to water other plants in the gallery and in the rest of the building.

Participating Artists for this exhibiton are: Nick Hardy, UK, h.o Media Group, Japan, Hilary Jack, UK, Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, USA, Markus Kison, Germany, Amanda Oliphant, UK, Mark Pilkington, UK, Joel Porter, UK, Andrea Zapp, Germany/UK
7th September – 3rd November 2007
Opening Times: 12.00pm – 5.30pm Monday – Saturday
Preview: Thursday 6th September 6.00pm-9.00pm
Sponsors: ACE North West, Manchester Metropolitan University, Ars Electronica Center Linz, Austra, Astra Signs
For more info contact CUBE on 0161 237 5525 or at