Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Trade, Manchester

As part of this years 10th Anniversary Rogue Open Studios, I offered up my space as a market place for the trading of unwanted goods, services and ideas. From Midday onwards goods were left in my studio, and services were pledged.
At 8pm trading began.
Over the course of the evening all manner of goods and services were traded; a set of retro curtains for an engraved pebble, a stalkers telephone number for Joseph Conrad's novel "The Heart of Darkness" and an original Adam Ant notebook for a used cinema ticket with a history. Numerous other items were offered and exchanged including; a kiss, a haircut, a gold watch, a loaf of homebaked bread, a plastic mole and an offer to sweep a driveway free of Autumn leaves. Throughout the evening, frenzied trading took place face to face and over mobile phones, but no money exchanged hands.
Trade is documented here.
Many thanks to all those who participated in Trade.