Saturday, June 09, 2007

Maxply, Transition Gallery, London

Found Maxply tennis racquet, Broadway Market, London
The "Maxply" tennis raquet, the famous classic, wooden framed and made for fifty years of champions by Dunlop between 1933 and 1983. Rod Laver won the grandslam using a Maxply and the last one manufactured was the MacEnroe Maxply in 1983 at the end of wood raquet era. "Buy one to play with and one to hang on your wall as a work of art" reads the Dunlop slogan. This Maxply leans cassually against a graffittied wall behind Broadway Market in Hackney. Abandoned, and broken.

For E8; The Heart of Hackney at Transtion Gallery, a group show, selected by Cathy Lomax, I photographed this broken tennis racket, pictured above, and took it home to Manchester. Using Seventies "Pin and Thread" technique to "re-string".

While Hackney borough council focuses its energies on newly established recycling methods and doorstep refuse collection, my action refers back to times when our energies were more focused on repair and reuse rather than recycling and waste.

"Maxply" Found and repaired Maxply tennis racquet at Transition Gallery. click image to enlarge.

E8; The Heart of Hackney opens on June 15th-July 15th and is accompanied by a catalogue with texts by Ian Sinclair and Dr Amanda Ravetz. Click here to read The In Betweenness of Things by Amanda Ravetz.
The exhibition includes work by Emily Cole . Gary O'Connor . walkwalkwalk . Laura Oldfield-Ford . Tom Hunter . Barbaresi & Round . Matthew Stock. For more information about related events, press, and opening hours
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"Maxply", Installation shot at Transition Gallery, London