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E8, The Heart of Hackney, Transition Gallery, London

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June 21 2007

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E8: The Heart of Hackney

Following on from 2004's E9: An Anatomy of an Area comes this additional tribute to an east London postcode. Eight London artists have been commissioned to offer their interpretations of the rapidly changing area through different media; the exhibition includes photographs of London Fields by Tom Hunter, an E8-dedicated edition of Laura Oldfield-Ford's fanzine Savage Messiah and Gary O'Connor's audio installation, which explores the experience of being trapped in a lift. An additional highlight for the meal-ready meanderer is walkwalkwalk's tour of the district's chip shops — sure to stock bespoke chip forks. (LCD)

A Gallery Per Day
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. 24.6.07

Transition Gallery, E8:The Heart of Hackney

Influenced by the Situationists, this exhibition is a plotting of Hackney, its residents, its seedy underbelly and the big changes that are taking place in the area. A range of artists are shown and the show is really well curated by Cathy Lomax. Works featured include a zine and post-ups of old-school cut-n-paste punk-ethic investigation into the gentrification of Hackney by Laura Oldfield Ford, walkwalkwalk have delved into the local area through their tour of chip shops and you can pick up a free map that outlines their trek, Tom Hunter's photograph of London Fields is amazing, as is Barbaresi & Round's architectonic sculptures and wall-based drawings about the place. Emily Cole has done a Hockey-style Hackney, with fluoro/pastel combination paintings of the nicer bits of E8. Alex from Transition gave a couple of us an amazing and impromptu talk about the show, which was invaluable and such a nice way to engage the audience without presuming their ignorance.

If you want more information about this show and other aspects of civic engagement, I'll be interviewing curator Cathy Lomax soon and will post the podcast on she sees red.

A Gallery Per Day 24.6.07

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Wander a stone's throw North East of the 'Ditch up into Hackney-proper and a curious shift occurs. Some poor individuals find themselves on-guard, uncertain of their new surroundings, whilst for others this is the most comfortable corner of our fair city. Whether you love it or hate it, Transition is following on the heels of its insightful anatomy of E9 with this slip next door to challenge, poke, or entirely dismantle your preconceptions of the area. Whilst the various photographic, literary, acoustic, sculptural and even psychogeographical (your guess is as good as mine) representations and investigation of Hackney are all intriguing in their way, the highlight has to be walkwalkwalk's wonderful tour throw the 'hood, via those most artistic of establishments: the humble chippy. Expect limited edition chip forks and wrapping paper for your piece of cod. No, really.
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